The Revolutionary Sports Mask Backpack

my ohio state-crop-u1149Welcome to the StarSportsBackPack site, the revolutionary fun backpack for football, baseball and hockey fanatics- young and old. The unique BackPack was invented by, who else, a “Sports Mom”.

We have United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Patent Pending status on all of our hard-shell backpack concepts, and we have been in development for over five years.

Our backpacks fall into the following two USPTO categories:

  • A) Plastic Helmet-Shaped Backpack: Football; Hockey ; Baseball
  • B) Plastic Ball-Shaped Backpacks: Basketball; Soccer

The attractive, slick looking mask/helmet is made of lightweight but durable ABS plastic and Denier fabric.  It has room for books, water bottle, tablets, laptops, and other items kids carry to school. The perfect length 15 inches…allows it to be carried without being too heavy and fits into school lockers.  The Velcro at the top keeps the backpack from drooping and the extra padding at the shoulders protects both back and shoulders.

my hockey football bags

Makes a Great Gift for Fanatics That Have It All

For moms, dads and family members who don’t know what to buy their sports enthusiast, the StarSportsBackPack is the perfect gift for the fanatic who has everything.  It’s unique, durable, attractive and fits the sports fanatic’s lifestyle like a glove…

Symbol of a Lifestyle

Backpacks are not only for practical reasons anymore but to show a lifestyle. The StarSportsBackPack does just that for the football, baseball, hockey fanatic. It satisfies a need beyond function. For our unlicensed versions, logos, slogans or other indicia can be affixed on the helmet/mask. The idea provides a flexible and decorable bag with built-in safety features.